Caring for all

I care for animals

Laboratory animal care professionals share a love for animals and a quest for medical discovery.

Most professionals working in this field will tell you caring for animals in a research environment is not just their job - it's their passion. Their work is a labor of love - ensuring that their animals receive high quality, compassionate care.  Watch this video to learn why many people working in laboratory animal science are passionate about their work.

Click here to meet a few of the compassionate individuals who work in the field of laboratory animal science. 

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I help drive medical discoveries

People working in the field of Laboratory Animal Science play a direct role in the research that drives medical discoveries.

There are a vast array of career opportunities in this fascinating field - equipment support specialists, managers, veterinarians, veterinarian technicians, research technicians, animal behaviorists, legal and compliance specialists, accountants and more. Each person plays an integral role in driving medical progress to benefit humans and animals.

Click here to learn more about the exciting career opportunities awaiting you in the rewarding field of Laboratory Animal Science.

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I work to advance human and animal health

Over the years, researchers have solved medical problems, cured diseases and developed vaccines - all by working with animals in biomedical research.

Laboratory Animal Science professionals strive every day to ensure that our animals receive the highest quality care and respect they deserve for their important contributions toward advancing the health of people and animals. 

Click here to learn more about how animals have helped develop treatments for diseases impacting people and pets.

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AALAS Foundation

The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to educational outreach on the essential role of responsible laboratory animal care and use in science to advance medical progress for human and animal health. The AALAS Foundation develops educational materials, web-based public information resources and training materials to help educate the public about the importance of quality laboratory animal care.