Meet the Caring Professionals

Why Do People Choose a Career in Laboratory Animal Science?

Most veterinarians, vet techs and other professionals working in the field of laboratory animal science have chosen this profession because of their love for animals. They are intimately involved in ensuring the care and well-being of laboratory animals. They know that animal research improves the health of animals and people. In fact, many of the advances in veterinary medicine are the direct result of research with animals. The parvovirus vaccine, routinely administered by veterinarians, has saved thousands of dogs. Pacemakers for humans and animals were developed through research with dogs. Research in reproductive physiology with animals has saved several animal species from extinction. Distemper vaccines, evaluated in Siberian polecats, have begun to rescue the waning black-footed ferret population. The scientific community knows that quality laboratory animal care is the foundation for reliable scientific results. Working with research animals is a privilege, not a "right," and they deserve our respect and compassion.

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